New Braunfels Musical Expats, Bird Dog, Look to Release First Full Length LP


New Braunfels brothers turned raucous rockers, Rory and Ryan Grametbaur, picked up and moved to Nashville last year. On their journey to find their new musical home, they also made for aggressive expansion to their roster, adding guitar and bass – newly created positions – taking the once fraternal duo, to full out 4-piece rock band.

 It also seems that Bird Dog has wrapped a new full-length record and are asking their fans to help see them to the finish line with a Kickstarter campaign created to fund the mastering and distribution of the (assumed) yet-to-be-named album.

Though the message is par for the course when it comes to Kickstarter videos, the delivery is delightfully quirky, if nothing, permanent. See what I mean by watching their Kickstarter video below, and check out their latest leak of the forthcoming record immediately underneath.

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