In 2023 I watched Treme because of this interview with Steve Earle

In 2023, I finally watched Treme and immediately followed it with The Wire. So, now I finally know what he means when he says “whenever Bubbles decided to get clean” in this 2011-video where I interview Steve Earle.

Also, if you google “deric steve earle” you won’t find this. So, I need to crack open this youtube account and optimize the posting for SEO.

  • [x] Steve Earl is misspelled in the title of the video 🤦

First of all, the feedback. C’mon. So. Much. Feedback. There’s nothing I can do about it now.

The automated closed captioning could use some assistance, so I should consider downloading, editing, and uploading of a corrected transcript.

The automated chapter titles is a nice touch that I like.

  • Intro
  • Life in San Antonio
  • Life with Townes Van Zandt (that should get some SEO)
  • Future Plans

I’m sad a chapter sections wasn’t included, “Life whenever Bubbles decided to get clean”

If I had to ask myself what my goal of this interview was, I would say “to get through it alive.”

Ironically, I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive was the title of the album and book Steve had recently released.

Internally, terrified. But, I get through it like a good radio-friendly single at 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

I’ve also been around long enough now to know where Kirby is. That’s in the Life in San Antonio chapter

This is Steve Earle interview is the second most viewed video on my YouTube Page.

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