In 2003, ACL Festival still had a Street Team

Somehow, I signed up for it. It was a sweet gig. Put some promotional stuff out around Austin; get a three-day pass.

There was this guy who worked for C3 coordinating the team. I wish I could remember his name. He embodied everything Austin (at the time) that I wished I could be.

I remember, one time, I believe it was a Saturday, I had to go to his house to pick up some materials. He live off South 1st – the ‘04, for sure. I remember it was a small old house. He had a turntable. It was spinning the Beatles. I can’t recall which album. I remember being awestruck. Here’s this young guy, working for C3, with a cool house, playing cool music. I remember that exact moment – when it was imprinted in my mind – this is what I wanted.

Some days, I walk around my house and think, “yeah, I got it.”

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