I’m back on the air


I won’t lie: One of the things that really makes me feel all fuzzy inside, is when someone stops me in New Braunfels and says, “What are you up to? I really miss your voice on the radio." 

Even more honesty: I really thought I was going to be totally cool not being on the air anymore. I mean, I really never let the whole DJ thing define me as a person, so leaving it behind wasn’t even a thought in my mind when I took the non-on-air job at Texas Public Radio. All it took was three pitch-breaks during last Fall’s pledge drive to throw all of that thinking out the window. Yes. I want back on the air. But, really, it’s whatever.

Nonetheless, our Spring pledge drive kicks off tomorrow, and I’ll be on air in the mornings, pitching (read: asking listeners like you(?) for money so I can continue to be gainfully employed) for 90.1 KTXI in Kerrville and Fredericksburg TX. I’ll be on Monday through Thursday mornings next week as well.

So, you don’t live in the hill country, eh? Who’d’ve guessed. Well, if you truly want to hear what I sound like on the radio, might I implore you to stream the station on TPR.org, or download the app for iPhone and Android by clicking the links provided before you.

You can also take a listen to what I sounded like in the fore-mentioned 2013 Fall Pledge Drive below.

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